Success Stories

At TeamLogic IT, we strive to provide great customer service. It’s an honor to work for such incredible people. We value our clients and their organizations. A few of them have been kind enough to share their success stories.

Flex-Ability Concepts & Progressive Stamping and Fabrication

Flex-Ability Concepts provides the right product for curved framing jobs, whether it’s framing with wood or metal. They pioneered the development of flexible track products. Flex-C Trac was the first framing product that could be curved by hand right on the job site, and it has become the brand by which all others are measured.

Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting

Clients who reach out to Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting are typically self-employed or business owners who find themselves in trouble with the IRS and need an experienced team to help resolve their tax issues. Polston Tax is there to tell them there is hope, they have options, and give them a path forward. They are one of the few top-rated tax resolution companies, and they are fully equipped to solve your tax problems.