Are password managers really secure?

Woman questioning security

For years now we’ve advised clients to use a password manager. It’s a much better option than scribbling your passwords down on tiny pieces of paper or even storing them in your web browser.

Simply put, a password manager makes it easy to remember your secure passwords. You can even share passwords with other people on your team.

But are password managers really secure? Only if you pick the right option.

The best password manager

There are a lot of password manager services, but not all of them are built equally. For many years we’ve recommended LastPass. LastPass utilizes multi-factor authentication by combining biometric and contextual intelligence to prove your identity.

To ensure security, that biometric data is encrypted on your device, not in the cloud. It never leaves your device, so your biometric data remains private and secure.

Sound complicated? Fortunately, it’s not. LastPass makes sure the process is as seamless as possible so it doesn’t disrupt your workflow but actually speeds things up.

Password management in business environments

LastPass offers even more options in business environments while still keeping things secure. Your options are more flexible with a number of multi-factor authentication methods that can be applied at the user or group level. They have an extensive list of granola policies to control user access.

Most people enter a password somewhere around 25 times a day. Multiply that times the number of people on your team, and you have a lot of potential for wasted time and security risks. Use a secure password manager like LastPass and you save time and money while actually reducing your security risk.