Login without password

Bad password on sticky note

 When it comes to cybersecurity, passwords are inherently part of the problem. Whether yours are complex and easy to forget, short and easy for hackers to guess, or you write them down on a piece of paper that you end up losing, they cause a lot of issues.

What’s the solution? Can you function without passwords?

At TeamLogic IT here in Oklahoma City, we’ve started to use something called SSO, or single sign-on. At this point we’re just using it internally, but I do have something similar we recommend to our clients.

First, we have our technicians log into an interface through the traditional method. They use a username and password, and it’s also protected by MFA, multi-factor authentication.

Once they’re in, they see a dashboard with a lot of buttons for all the applications that we use. They select an application by clicking on one of the buttons.

That launches a new tab in their web browser and automatically logs them into the web application. So they never have to have individual usernames and passwords for all the applications we log into.

SSO is a new way to go password-less. However for years now we’ve been recommending something similar to our clients known as LastPass.

In the past we’ve discussed how password managers work and even the benefits of LastPass. But if you’re looking to log in to various online websites and services without using a password, it may be a good option for you.

Once you log in to your LastPass vault, you simply find the website you want to log in to, click the launch button, and it should log you in automatically. It’s very similar to the newer SSO options.