Which cloud storage is best for businesses?


If you’re exploring cloud storage solutions for your business, you might feel overwhelmed with options. Some programs are free. Others offer tiers of storage options. What should you choose?

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage provides a virtual space for files that can then be accessed from multiple devices. In a business, cloud storage is particularly beneficial because it allows employees to quickly share files with one another. If there is a technical issue on one of your computers, you can still access shared files in cloud storage. There is no risk of losing data like you would with local storage.

What to look for in a cloud storage service

When choosing a cloud storage platform for your business, there are several factors to keep in mind. The right storage for someone else’s organization may not be right for your organization. Try to look for a provider that features:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Everything you need in a single platform
  • Sufficient storage space for your needs
  • Affordability based on your budget
  • Integration with the programs you already use

Think about how you will use cloud storage for your business. Then find a program that aligns with that usage. Also keep in mind that some cloud storage automatically backs up your files in the cloud. You don’t have to upload them manually into the storage. If you do not want an auto-backup option, you should be able to opt out of it on whatever program you choose.

Our choice for business cloud storage

Over the last few years, our clients have had great success with Microsoft cloud storage. It is easy to transition from OneDrive to SharePoint to Teams and beyond. The seamlessness and simplicity of this process is what makes Microsoft cloud storage an ideal choice for many different businesses. 

With that in mind, that does not mean that Microsoft is the best cloud storage for your business. You may prefer Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, JustCloud, Syncplicity, or any of the other platforms on the market today. Evaluate your overall needs to select the best storage solution for your business.

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