What are the disadvantages of working from home?

Laptop on a cluttered home desk

Working remotely is not a new concept, and it has become even more common within this past year. Businesses and organizations have to make unexpected adjustments to keep their employees and other people from COVID-19. While working from home can have its advantages, it does have a few disadvantages. 

Remote work expenses

Sadly, working remotely isn’t free. There is a lot to consider to get employers and their employees set up correctly and safely. Many organizations make the mistake of using too many online tools, conduct too many long meetings, and don’t consider the cost of internet services and security. These expenses add up, which can be a disadvantage to companies that may not be able to afford much. 

Disconnection from human interaction

As much as technology is needed, so is human interaction. Getting to sit at home and work rather than dressing up to head to the office can be a luxury. However, people still need to see other people in person. Employees feel like they are a bigger part of the company when they can brainstorm and have conversations with one another. Without interacting with people, employees can begin to feel isolated, which can harm their motivation and mental health. Even introverts need human contact.

Security risks

Working from home can create potential security risks if employers can’t provide the correct firewall and take the necessary precautions. Many organizations have sensitive information that could be hacked and stolen. Hackers find new ways to steal information every day. The right thing to do is invest in excellent security to help keep this from happening.


Not everyone has an ideal workspace when they are working from home. There are kids, pets, neighbors, and space that could distract and even affect time management. Too much background noise or not having a clear workspace could be frustrating for employees. It is a very different environment than working in your company’s office. 

Working from home can be great for people who plan well. However, given the circumstances that society has suffered through, things don’t always go as planned. If your organization is planning to make a move to work remotely, consider these disadvantages, and decide if it will be worth it for you.

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