Can Office 365 be used offline?


Microsoft Office 365 has different applications to choose from, and it’s very beneficial for most industries. However, not everyone has access to the internet, at least not all the time. What if the electricity goes out? What if you’re traveling and don’t have access to the internet, but you still need to get work done?

How to get Office 365

Before installing Microsoft 365, you must be sure that your computer meets the system requirements, which you can find on their website. Next, you’ll read over the different subscription plans they provide, including personal and business, and choose which works best for you. Once you make your purchase, it’s time to sign in and download the different applications!

How to use Office 365 offline

A big misconception that people have is that you can’t use Offices 365 without the internet. Many Microsoft 365 plans require internet access to get signed up, but when using some of the applications such as Excel and PowerPoint, the internet is not required. Microsoft Office downloads the latest applications to your computer, allowing you to access them whenever you need to.

Once you have downloaded and installed the desktop applications, you’re free to use them whenever, even without an internet connection. However, you have to be sure you connect to the internet every 30 days to maintain your subscription, but Office 365 will tell you when it’s time to do that.

Microsoft Office 365 is great for everyday use, whether it’s for personal or business. They provide easy access to their applications with and without the internet so people can get full use out of it.

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