Industries that need cybersecurity


At TeamLogic IT, we always stress the importance of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is used to protect data, devices, networks, programs, and more from a cyber attack. Hackers are constantly finding different ways to steal sensitive information, and fortunately, cybersecurity software and technology have kept up with it.

Types of cybercrime

Because hackers come up with different ways to attack, there are many different types of cybercrime. A few common, well-known examples include:

  • Phishing: If you’ve ever received an email that looked suspicious, has asked for personal information, etc., it was most likely a phishing email. Phishing is very common and happens the most often.
  • Cyberstalking: This is a form of online harassment in which the cyberstalker sends an abundance of emails or messages toward a particular victim. 
  • Social engineering: Attackers who make direct contact with their victim, typically via phone or email. They can pose as a customer service agent or someone you trust to get your information.
  • Identity theft: This is when the attacker gets access to your information and steals your identity, usually to get access to funds, committee tax or health fraud, and more.

These are only a few different ways cyber attackers use to commit cybercrime, and it’s all the more reason you need some form of cybersecurity. 

Who needs cybersecurity?

In short, anyone who has a device that has access to the internet needs cybersecurity. If you have any personal information on your device, whether it’s on an app, store, email, or something similar, your information has the potential to be stolen.

However, there are specific industries that absolutely have to have cybersecurity. They could be separated into two categories: businesses with regulated data and businesses with propriety data. 

Industries that have regulated data typically involve healthcare and finance. If they were to be hacked, they would be in trouble. There is too much sensitive data that could be at risk. They would also be at risk of being shut down because they failed to comply with federal regulations.

Businesses that have proprietary data also have to have cybersecurity. Engineers and architects are good examples because they spend a lot of money designing, and if that data is compromised, the cost of recreating it is enormous.

Always be cautious about potential scammers and cyber attackers. If you don’t already have a form of cybersecurity, especially if your industry includes one mentioned before, you absolutely should. 

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