What are cybersecurity layers?

Security guards

Cybersecurity consists of different tactics and technologies that keep computer systems and data safe. In a world full of people using computers and the internet every day, cybersecurity is a growing need and is essential to the safety of others, including businesses.

Importance of cybersecurity

With most of the population having an online presence, shielding information from malicious hackers is a huge concern. Whether big or small, many businesses are accustomed to setting up the basic firewall security system. But in this day and age, that alone just won’t cut it.

Getting hacked can result in a huge negative impact on businesses and their clients. People trust businesses to keep their personal data and identities safe, and if their data is compromised, it usually doesn’t end well.

Different layers of cybersecurity

Tactics for cybersecurity range anywhere from password managers to layered security. A layered cybersecurity approach includes using different components of your defense strategy so that each area is backed up by another, should something go wrong. 

An example of what layered security looks like is as follows:

  1. Information security policies
  2. Physical security
  3. Secure networks and systems
  4. Vulnerability programs
  5. Strong access control measures
  6. Protect and back up data
  7. Monitor and test your systems

Your IT provider should come up with the best form of security for your business. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions to express any concerns. Cybersecurity starts with awareness and education. 

While cybersecurity doesn’t 100% guarantee complete protection, it provides enough to deter most neighborhood hackers. Typically, if they have to uncover a bunch of layers to get the information they want, they will give up and move on to an easier target. Cybersecurity is essential in the protection of your business and its assets!

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