What should security awareness training include?

Employee cybersecurity training

Security is a necessary tool for any web user, but especially for businesses. Research has shown that human error is involved in most security breaches, and this number can decrease if people become more aware of cybersecurity, specifically through security awareness training. 

Why is cybersecurity important?

Unfortunately, basic antivirus software and firewalls no longer stop cyber attacks. Hackers continue to become more clever and creative, which means we do, too.

Cybersecurity encompasses everything concerning protecting data and other sensitive information from attackers. Cyberattacks can put businesses and individuals at risk for identity theft, stolen assets, and more. Exposure of sensitive information can be very harmful.

Having an advanced cyber defense program and taking necessary precautions is in everyone’s best interest (well, maybe not for the hacker). This is where security training becomes essential.

Cybersecurity awareness training

Every business should go through security awareness training to prevent cybersecurity issues. An effective awareness training program should address common cybersecurity mistakes that employees typically make when using email, the web, or storing sensitive information. 

If employees are provided with proper training and knowledge and can identify cyber threats, they can ultimately be your business’ line of defense. Topics that should be included in awareness training are:

  • Email scams (phishing)
  • Malware (malicious software)
  • Password security and management
  • Safe internet habits
  • Social media dangers
  • Data management and privacy
  • Remote work
  • Mobile device security
  • Internal and external Wi-Fi security
  • Removable media
  • Incident response

Any individual or company that uses the Internet can be a target for cyber attackers. Small businesses are the most at risk when it comes to hackers. This is because attackers know that small businesses can’t or haven’t invested in proper security.

TeamLogic IT offers advanced solutions to protect your business, its employees, and everyone’s assets. Call and schedule a consultation today so we can get you set up for proper protection. Security is worth the investment.

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