What are the factors to consider when buying business software?

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With all the considerations that go into putting together a business from physical location, mission statement, personnel, and assets required for day-to-day operations, choosing the correct software package to complete your team’s work can be a daunting afterthought. 

What to consider when purchasing business software

While there are basic software suites like Microsoft Office, which includes several useful programs is a staple of the business world. There are many questions to consider when purchasing the correct software that can cover the business as whole and specific teams alike.

  • Accessibility of software: Determine if the software is compatible with your current and future hardware assets. Operating system and hardware platform (Mobile, PC, internet, or server based) are important factors to consider. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a very popular photo editing tool that is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple-based operating systems. Each will require a separate version and license to operate properly. If the company utilizes a Linux based operating system, Adobe Photoshop will not run properly without additional software.
  • Scale of use and number of licenses required: Some software suites are sold as licenses with a set number of login credentials or keys. A financial or accounting software suite may be an unnecessary purchase for a business that has a small accounting team or opts to outsource those responsibilities.
  • Compatibility of software with partnered businesses and clients: While it is common to purchase software that is widely available as an industry standard, custom software can be tailored to the specific needs of a firm. By partnering with and designing a software suite to fit your business needs, it is important to request degrees of compatibility with what is available to others. In doing so, you ensure that data shared with partners and clients will be in a format they are able to make use of.

The process of determining and meeting the needs of your business can be a long but rewarding process. Ensuring accessibility, scale, and compatibility of chosen software are instrumental to the success of everyday operations. From the company letterhead to the finished product, choosing the correct tools to get the job done will increase confidence in your team as well as your clients.

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