How do businesses use Microsoft Teams?

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Email, shared drive networks, phone, and video conferencing are all tools that have grown in popularity as business requires a further reach to get the job done. With the growing prominence of remote work, the challenge of integrating the tools of old and working with their potential problems required a more modern and seamless solution. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Ever-ready to solve a problem, Microsoft developed Teams as a means of bridging the gap and providing a solution under a single, synergized banner. Microsoft Teams offers businesses several means of consistent and real-time communication with members and clients alike.

  • File-sharing can now be done through centralized cloud and hardware storage. Access is granted to specific teams, members, and clients as needed. Editing of materials is tracked, and currently, active users can be seen as changes are made. 
  • Email searching and delays can be mitigated through the use of real-time updated message boards and active chat programs. Similar to group text messaging, users who are granted access to each message group can forgo searching through unrelated media and focus on the task or questions at hand. 
  • Streamlined and uniform protocols for video conferencing eliminate software incompatibility issues with previous iterations of the software. By sharing active chat and video using a known compatible program, Microsoft Teams minimizes delays in the sharing of important information and increases familiarity through face time with remote members and clients. 
  • Enhanced security is also granted by using Microsoft Teams as a package. With real-time information sharing and being fully integrated with Microsoft Windows operating system, businesses and their employees can be assured their data is protected through Microsoft’s security suite. 

Microsoft Teams is the result of addressing the need of the modern business world. Bridging the gaps between commonly used communication methods and enhancing their use has opened a new era of information sharing. As employees within a business work together, exchanging information and keeping users in the loop allows the transition to a more open work experience and accommodation for users around the globe, not just around the office.

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