Technologies you need to work from home

Home office

A large portion of the workforce has moved from the typical office to remote or hybrid work. Whether you work from home full time or only on occasion, it’s important to have the necessary tools to do your work and do it securely.

The key to building a productive remote workforce is technology. Here are a few things you need to work from home, efficiently and securely.

Reliable Internet connection

If you’re working from home, the most important thing is to have a good internet connection for your laptop or desktop computer(s). Choosing the best internet option for remote employees varies based on their specific needs. Often, employees have to have a stable internet connection to access certain files, communicate through emails or video, research, etc. 

Employees who have to be on video calls frequently will need faster internet speed, which should be at least 10Mbps. If you’re transferring large files, you should have at least 35Mbps.


Bandwidth is often confused with internet speed, but it’s actually referring to the volume of information sent over a connection. It’s the maximum amount of data that’s transmitted. The more bandwidth a connection has, the more data it can send and receive at once. 


A firewall is a network security system that protects and controls traffic, filtering unsecured or suspicious sources to prevent cyberattacks. It doesn’t matter how fast your internet speed is or what the bandwidth connection is; you need some type of cybersecurity to protect your data.

Cyber attackers are out to get whatever information they can, so it’s crucial to have a firewall to protect both your and your employer’s assets.

As long as you have the required technologies and a workable schedule, you’ll be set. If you have any questions or need any help getting set up, TeamLogic IT would love to help.

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