Is a server necessary for small business?


Servers are essentially data processors and storage and can be used professionally and personally. Knowing the basics of a server is essential to understanding what will work best for you and your business or organization. 

Let’s discuss what a server is, common types of servers, and if one is necessary for your small business.

What are servers?

A server can be any type of device that shares, stores, and saves information, such as computers and software systems. Servers can store and process information within their own system or request it from another system.

When businesses first started using servers, they were primarily for data storage. Now, they can perform much more complex functions.

Different types of servers

Before deciding if your business needs a server, it’s important to know what different types of servers exist. Common types of servers include:

  • Web server: used for hosting websites that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet
  • Proxy server: used to mask the identity or location of one system by hiding your IP address and instead using the proxy server’s address
  • Virtual machine: an emulated server running on one or multiple physical servers
  • File server: stores data files for multiple users
  • Application server: connects clients to software applications through virtual server connections
  • Database server: storage space for data generally accessed by other, separate systems
  • Mail server: stores and delivers email

When is a server necessary?

Now that you know what a server can do and some common types, let’s talk about whether or not having one is necessary.

Now, you can often use cloud services in place of on-premise servers. However, servers are still a useful option for many small businesses. They can allow you to safely and securely store your data, but you can access it quickly.

Knowing when a server is the best option can be challenging, although the investment is often significant for small businesses. If you’re wondering if a server is the right option for you, feel free to reach out to the TeamLogic IT team. We would love to help you make an informed decision!

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