How much does a small business server cost?

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Small businesses need technology and connectivity to survive in the modern world. And if you’re looking to upgrade, it can be challenging to figure out what’s important. If you’ve been confused by the number of server options out there, you’re not alone.

The cost of a server

How much is a small business server actually going to cost you? It depends.

Including installation, it can be anywhere from $3K to $15K. That depends on various factors, including the options, the speed, and how much storage you need. A small business server can do many things if you need it to.

The more important question is, “what would be your return on having a small business server?”

Do you need a server?

Most of the clients that ask us about getting another server are replacing an old one. But technology has moved on in the intervening years, and it’s entirely possible they don’t need a server at all. The same may be true for you.

Why do you want a server? Are you just replacing one? Do you actually need a server?

You used to. Now it’s not the only solution. Roughly 30% of our clients need servers. Many others don’t. Servers are helpful for a few things, but in many cases these days, the cloud can take care of it.

Server vs. cloud

The primary reason for a server used to be email. Most small businesses have gotten away from that. It’s still possible to run your own email server, but cloud solutions are cheaper and more efficient.

What about a fileserver? You could do this, but most companies store their data in the cloud instead.

Domain controllers like Active Directory are still an excellent reason to have a server, and if you need those password enforcement and file access policies, you should consider keeping one.

In our experience, the most common use we see is an internal fileserver. Another widespread use for servers is if an application is either unavailable on the internet or is more stable when run in-house. Some applications, particularly industry-specific or custom ones, need a server environment to run. Quickbooks is a prime example—though its cloud version has come a long way, many people have preferred to run their Quickbooks installation on a server rather than the cloud.

So the question isn’t “what does a small business server cost,” but rather “what’s my ROI on a small business server?” Figure out what’s most important for you. Then choose based on that. And if you need a hand, we can help. Contact TeamLogic IT today.

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