What is a cyberattack?

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Every business fears cyberattacks.

With so much of our modern world going online, a cyberattack has gone from a nuisance to a massive problem. You need to understand what goes into one—and how it can affect you.

Security hacks

The most common cyberattack type people think of is a hack, where there’s an illicit connection made from one computer to another. Think of it like a thief sneaking into a building.

Once inside, the hacker can steal data. They can access email addresses and account details to spoof connections to other servers or accounts. They can steal account details to sell on the dark web. They can gather data on the connections made to that computer or the network architecture for the same purposes and steal valuable corporate secrets.

Hacks are the most well-known cyberattack, but there are others. 

Other types of attacks

A piece of software can be inserted into a network in various ways—through backdooring into the system, phishing, or any number of ways—and then activated only under certain conditions. Some ransomware attacks happen this way, as do some data steals.

Phishing is another common cyberattack. A message is sent purporting to be from one person or authority, but it’s actually from a hacker. They ask for personal login information, steal it and use it to steal money or information or unlock other systems.

There are around 2,200 cyberattacks per day. Don’t let your business be a statistic. Ensure your systems are secure by contracting with an IT provider that can keep hackers out and safeguard your data. You should also ensure your employees are properly trained on anti-phishing techniques so they don’t get caught.

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