Why is cybersecurity such a difficult problem to solve?


The more your business depends on the internet, the more vulnerable it is to hackers. Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle between hackers and cybersecurity professionals that ultimately depends on overcoming human limitations. 

Proactive hackers and reactive measures

Hackers are continuously coming up with new ways to take control of computers, steal information, or other malicious actions.

Most new cybersecurity measures are created to counter specific kinds of threats only after they are discovered. This means cybersecurity is an ongoing battle that can never truly be “solved.” 

Human limitations

How safe would your home or car be if you invested in the latest security system but rarely turned it on? 

It’s the same with cybersecurity. You can have all the latest measures and policies, but if they’re not followed one hundred percent, your organization has a vulnerability that hackers can exploit. 

People often get frustrated with policies, such as two-factor authentication and regular password changes, and try to find ways around them. Also, no cybersecurity policy can completely prevent someone in your organization from clicking a link on an email from someone they don’t recognize that’s actually a phishing scam. 

Some of our clients prioritize security awareness training, with regular testing and compliance built into their bonus structure. That’s an effective way to counter the human limitations of your cybersecurity measures. 

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