What is the ideal password policy?

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In today’s digital world, protecting sensitive information is more critical than ever. One key aspect of safeguarding data is implementing a strong password policy. However, finding the ideal balance between security and user-friendliness can be challenging.

You should tailor your ideal password policy to the culture of your employees and workplace. Complicated rules that employees won’t follow will make them more vulnerable to hacking. Whatever you choose for your organization, make sure everyone is using it and using it properly.

Possible password policy rules

Here are a few password policy ideas to give you a starting point that you can use to make your own.

  • Allow for a reasonable amount of failed login attempts to avoid undue frustration
  • Forbid password sharing
  • Encourage long and/or complex passwords
  • Require passwords to be changed at a realistic regular interval
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication

These are just some of the possible password policy rules you may want to implement. Try to use a combination of some or all of these for the best password protection.

Password managers

Password managers are ideal because they securely store and manage your login details for individual sites or software. Some of these come in free versions and what you choose may be dependent on your operating system. One of the options we often recommend is LastPass.

Possible password manager features

If you’re looking for a password manager, here are features to consider.

  • Biometric login using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Browser plugins to integrate it with your internet browser
  • Form filling to automatically fill in form information
  • Mobile app with PIN unlock
  • Travel mode that deletes (and later returns) sensitive information when your device may be in a place where it can be accessed
  • Two-factor authentication that requires two or more authentication sources
  • Offline mode that allows it to work without internet
  • Unlimited VPN service

Remember to educate all new and current employees on any password policy changes as you find the right one for your organization. Continuing education and testing is key because none of these password policy rules will work if they are not followed.

Need help in determining an ideal password policy for your organization? We can help you set up a policy that will work best for your organization and install a password manager that fits your security needs. Contact TeamLogic IT today.

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