Performance management for remote workers


There are challenges and considerations specific to managing remote employees. Reviewing disadvantages and addressing challenges will lead to the successful management of remote employees.

Setting expectations

You should clearly state your expectations, starting with the job listing. Will this be a fully remote position or a hybrid? If it’s a hybrid, how many days will they be required to work in the office versus online? Are there specific hours of the day they must be available? 

Also, establish your key performance indicators and goals before the interview process or before you transition one of your workers into a remote role. Be ready to adjust these regularly as needed.

Regular check-ins and feedback

Maintain open lines of communication for remote workers. They will not be around the office for quick check-ins as you pass each other down the hall. You should schedule frequent one-on-one or team meetings to discuss their progress and provide them with regular feedback on performance and areas of improvement. 

Trust and monitoring

There is difficulty in verifying actual work hours and productivity. It’s essential to build trust between the employer and their remote employees. 

You may want to start with one of the options for monitoring software and getting remote access to your employee’s computer. Some tools even allow you to access the employee’s camera to see when they’re working. 

But you should also balance the need for monitoring with privacy concerns. Trust in the new work model will take time. As your remote workers improve or maintain their KPIs, you may not need the same level of monitoring you used when they started. 

IT issues with remote work

There are IT challenges related to the remote workers’ location and use of personal devices. If your remote worker lives in an area out of reasonable travel distance from your IT department, it’s harder to get issues resolved that may require physical access to the device. There may also be some security concerns with remote workers using personal devices. 

Need help setting up performance management for your remote workers? We can help you set up your monitoring and access software. We can get your organization transitioned to a fully remote or hybrid workforce. Contact TeamLogic IT today. 

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