Improving employee engagement with Teams


How can you improve employee engagement with Office 365?

Getting your entire organization to switch over and get the most out of Office 365 can be challenging. Employees often resist change and have misconceptions about Microsoft or Office 365. It requires purposeful implementation and training. 

Implementing Teams for enhanced collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the star of Office 365 for its communication and collaboration abilities. Encourage the use of Teams by highlighting how it can replace traditional methods of sharing and communication. Emphasize the ease of use and efficiency of Teams for various tasks. Train your employees on all of Teams’ functionality and features. 

Shifting from traditional file access to Teams

Teams allows you to move away from traditional file folder access to something much more effective. Provide training on file management within Teams. Demonstrate the advantages of accessing files directly through Teams. Use Team channels for document sharing and access to streamline document management.  

Overcoming resistance to change

First, you must recognize that employees may be set in their ways. They may not see the need to change from something that has worked for years. Address the perception and help them understand that current methods don’t always work best. Also, acknowledge and address any preconceived notions about Microsoft or Office 365. 

Encourage your employees to embrace this change through education and hands-on experience. Find practical ways to show that Office 365 can improve productivity and streamline work processes. 

One way to get your employees more engaged with Office 365 is by implementing Teams for enhanced collaboration, shifting file access to Teams, and overcoming resistance to change through purposeful training and implementation.

Helping employees make the most of Office 365 will take time and is an investment. Once they get on board with Office 365 and Teams, you’ve unlocked the potential for increased productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Looking to get the most out of Office 365 and Teams for your organization? We can help you make the switch and provide training and best practices. Contact TeamLogic IT today. 

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