What to look for in an IT support company

IT provider and client shaking hands

It’s important to select the right IT support company because most of your organization likely relies on computers and software to do its daily business. The culture of an IT support company is an often-overlooked factor that can impact your relationship. 

Handling disappointments

Ask them about the most recent case where they disappointed a customer. Specifically, what actions did they take to address the issue and rectify it? This will help you understand their processes. 

Dealing with disappointments

Ask them about the most recent case when a customer couldn’t pay their invoice on time. How did they handle the situation? Was it in a way that still supported the client? This will help give you an indication of whether they value building relationships with their clients or just see them as transactions. 

Understanding the industry landscape

IT support companies might seem similar on the surface due to similar tools and services. But there are different factors to consider:

  • The size of the clients they work with
  • Can they serve you at the scale that you need?
  • The kinds of industries they have served
  • Will they be able to understand the specific IT and business problems that come up in your industry? 

Significance of culture

The culture of your IT support company doesn’t have to match yours exactly, but the closer your cultures can match, the more successful the business relationship you will have. 

Think of the hierarchy of your organization. Are the employees who deal with your IT support company empowered to make decisions independently and in a timely manner? The hierarchy of an IT support company should match your expectations because often when there is an IT emergency, fast action is required to make sure your organization doesn’t lose too much productivity. 

Evaluating culture

You can assess the culture of a potential IT support company by examining its website, social media presence, and online content. 

Also, request references and contact them with specific questions about their experiences.

Looking for the right IT support company? We’re a full-service company and would love to meet with your organization to see if we’re a match. Contact TeamLogic IT today. 

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