What are the pros and cons of virtualization?

Pros and cons of virtualization

Virtualization is a part of cloud computing. It’s a technology that lets you create useful IT services using resources that are traditionally bound to hardware. It’s part of cloud computing. Virtualization works by using software that runs on a computer host so that multiple users can use the host resources. 

Let’s look at some of the pros of virtualization.

Cost reduction

Before virtualization, companies were limited to using dedicated servers for each application. Virtualization allows for the consolidation of servers, reducing the number needed. This results in increased efficiency of investment and reduced maintenance costs.

Maintenance efficiency

Virtualization reduces the need to maintain multiple physical servers. 

Fewer physical servers with multiple virtual instances are easier to manage. This provides more simplified maintenance and management.

Redundancy and failover

Virtualization can distribute virtual servers across multiple physical hosts. Failover mechanisms ensure continued operation if one host fails. The result is enhanced reliability and reduced downtime.

Now let’s take a look at some of the cons of virtualization.

Single point of failure

Virtualizing multiple critical roles on a single physical server can be risky. If the physical server fails, all associated virtual roles are affected, so mitigation strategies are necessary.

Risk vs. reward analysis

A cost-benefit analysis should consider the risks and rewards. Evaluate the potential savings and maintenance benefits of virtualization against the risk of failure.

Implementing failover and redundancy

You can mitigate risks by using failover systems and redundancies. Failover systems continually ping your network to ensure it gets a signal. If it cannot get a signal from one source (like hard-wired internet) it switches your network to another source that may be working (like wifi). 

Virtualization allows the distribution of virtual servers across multiple physical servers. Distributing virtual servers across multiple physical servers enhances safety. 

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