Cybersecurity best practices for small and medium businesses


For most businesses, it should be a priority to have a cybersecurity policy as well as measures in place to make sure your organization is following the policy. Implement your measures appropriately and properly and make sure they’re being used by everybody on the team.

Establishing a cybersecurity policy

A good cybersecurity policy will take some time to develop and require clear documentation throughout the process. To improve implementation across your organization after it’s complete, set up regular training and awareness programs.

Key components of a cybersecurity policy

Managed firewall

Your network will have multiple firewalls for each system or device. A firewall manager oversees all the different firewalls in your network and keeps them continuously monitored and updated.

Antivirus solutions

Strong antivirus solutions help protect against known malware attacks. Set them to perform regular scans and definition updates.

Email security measures

Email security measures protect your network by implementing filters and authentication protocols from unauthorized access because of phishing and spam.

Password management

Develop strong passwords by ensuring that each one uses at least eight characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Using a password manager program keeps passwords on file so they can be automatically entered during login. Make sure the password policy and manager you use are uniformly adopted across your organization, or you increase the risks above where they were before implementing these systems.

Uniform implementation across the organization

Avoid fragmentation of your cybersecurity practices by getting all department heads or employees involved early in the process. Address any challenges of adoption as they arise and perform regular audits and assessments of your cybersecurity policies.

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