What are the best practices for email security?

Email security

Email security is where organizations are often most vulnerable. That’s why you need a comprehensive email security plan.

Understanding business regulations

Your industry may already have regulations related to email security. Make sure your email security policies align with those regulations to start.

Recognizing the human factor

There’s no way to completely eliminate spam and phishing scams. The biggest potential weakness in any organization is going to be the email user.

Importance of user education

There are some things you can do to mitigate the human factor of email security. Such as implementing security awareness training. This could be in the form of monthly educational videos or meetings. Some organizations test their employees’ email security by simulating phishing email programs to see if employees fall for them.

It’s also important to integrate email security into your organizational culture. You can do this by incentivizing employees for high security scores with raises or bonuses, motivations for staying email security aware.

Challenges in spam and phishing prevention

It’s important to find the right balance with your spam filters. Overly strict filters will cause just about everything to go into a spam folder. However, inadequate filters will increase your security risks. This is a process that may require some tweaking as you go along.

Security best practices

Remember that it’s important to develop a robust security plan from the beginning. Then, implement monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

User training is a key component of email security. To emphasize this, you should integrate security measures into your organizational culture. You can do this by providing regular updates, training programs, and even incentives.

Remember it’s important to have a proactive email security approach.

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