How I never lose my password

Frustration at forgotten password

We’ve all been there. You navigate to a website and enter your username and password only to be met with the annoying message that the password is incorrect. You enter it again, annoyed, only to be met with the same response. 

You desperately search for the small piece of paper you scribbled the password on in case you forgot it. Then you reset the password, but the email with the link doesn’t make it to your inbox. Soon, you check the clock and realize that you wasted the past ten minutes trying to log in when you could have used that time to work on something else. 

How much time do you really spend typing passwords?

According to TechHappy, it is probably more time than you think. They report that, on average, people enter a password 25 times a day, which takes between three and five seconds each time. Multiply that by seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, and it totals seven to 12 hours per year. Seven to 12 hours in a year may seem like an insignificant number, but those hours are being spent on something as annoying as typing passwords. There are probably many other things you could do with that time instead.

What is a password manager?

A password manager generates, retrieves, and keeps track of extremely random and long passwords for multiple accounts. A password manager can also protect your sensitive online information, such as credit card information and codes.  

When the password manager is enabled, the passwords will be filled in automatically as you visit that particular website. A master password is created for the website, then the password manager does the rest. We recommend that all of our clients use a password manager.

Which one should I use?

We tested LastPass for almost a year after it came out and found it to be dependable and extremely productive. LastPass can be used both on desktop and mobile devices. It is extremely safe and even offers two-step authentication for a new sign in or device. LastPass allows you to share passwords for companies and families at a low cost.

LastPass saves time and can help protect your information from hackers through the use of strong passwords. If using LastPass, be sure to log out of your computer to keep your information safe!

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