Top picks for cloud storage and file sharing

Searching for files

To be productive in the business world, you need to be consistent throughout your business, which includes where and how information is stored. After all, information is no use if it can’t be found.

What is data sharing?

Data sharing through the cloud is the equivalent of a giant file cabinet that every employee can access, but it’s even more efficient than that. In the case of a giant file cabinet, employees would need to leave their desks to search for the file they need, which takes time out of their work day. 

Although most of us do not use file cabinets now, we use files on our computer. And while that seems quicker, some offices still waste a lot of time sharing files by emailing them back and forth or using flash drives to transfer documents. When using a data sharing service, all files are organized in one central place. The sharing service syncs files from multiple places and allows users to edit, add, and delete files quickly and efficiently.

One of the most beneficial aspects to cloud storage and data sharing is the ability for any employee with the login information to access work files from any device at any given time. It’s a great way to create consistency and increase work productivity. 

What service should I use?

While many are familiar with different cloud-based applications, we often find that there may be three or four different applications in use within one company. We recommend you choose one and make it mandatory to use company-wide. Organize the application so files can be found easily, and be sure to require credentials to access it.

Here are my top five data storage applications:  

1. Datto Drive 

2. Dropbox

3. Google Drive

4. Amazon Drive

5. OneDrive

Each of these systems has slightly different features, so you’ll want to spend some time identifying which features work best for your company. But once you pick a solution, you’ll see how it can improve consistency and efficiency, and your employees will thank you.