When do you outsource IT?

People moving offices

Outsourcing your IT service has many advantages, but knowing when to do it can be somewhat of a challenge. If you’re sure you want to outsource IT but aren’t sure when it’s time, here are some signs it may be time.

You need to minimize disruption

Perhaps you’re getting ready to move offices, but you can’t afford much loss of time. If disruption to your business will cost you money, bringing an IT company in can help you minimize that disruption and the negative short-term effects something like a move can have.

You understand the economics of your business

It’s important to understand your business, how it generates value, and who in the business generates value. Do you have a salesperson or owner who helps with IT? How much time does that take away from that person generating revenue? How many additional dollars could be brought in during that time?

You’re about to invest in hardware

If you’re getting ready to make an investment in some hardware, it may be time to bring in an IT company and see if they can save you money. They may be able to get better deals, or they may recommend that you move to the cloud to save money in the long term or even short term.

Time is tight

Maybe you already have an IT person or department on staff. If time is at a premium for whoever handles your IT, it’s probably time to outsource to an IT company or at least consider it.

You’re ready to grow

Are you getting ready to scale your business to the next level? That would be a horrible time for your technology to fail without the appropriate support! Technology fails from time to time, that’s a given. But if you’re about to experience growth, you need the appropriate support in place.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s probably time to consider outsourcing your IT.

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