Why Office 365 for business?

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If you have a background in a traditional corporate environment, you may be used to having an Exchange server for your email and calendar. If you then started your own business, made the move into a smaller organization, or became a solopreneur, you lost access to some of those capabilities.

Or maybe you never had access to resources like an Exchange server in the first place! How can you compete on a technology basis with companies that can afford that level of IT infrastructure?

Fortunately, in recent years the cloud has made a lot of those Exchange server capabilities available on a far smaller budget.

Office 365 is a subscription-based service from Microsoft that includes not only the email and calendar capabilities, but also Office applications and online productivity services. It also includes business services like web conferencing and online storage.

The service allows you to access all of that on multiple devices from any location. It’s a great offering from Microsoft and an easily accessible tool for business.

Of course, like anything else, Office 365 is not immune to ransomware and neither are the devices your employees use to access it. While Microsoft offers backups for their Office 365 service, we do recommend you look at some third party services to protect your company and your data.

You’ll want to select a system that’s easy for you and your organization to implement. Here are a few systems that can be used to back up Office 365:

Of course, if you’d like professional help, we’d be happy to have a conversation. We frequently support and help our clients set up and support Office 365.

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